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I disagree

Posted by Porceleindoll on April 18, 2005 at 18:16:23

In Reply to: Re: SG in prison for murder, needs help posted by LISW on April 18, 2005 at 12:53:31:

Whether Jim is a professional or not doesn't count. What counts is he is responding to a request to help the boy, who may not have gotten a fair trial due to his defense not knowing or researching enough about his background. Jim can push for a professional to do a more thorough or proper evaluation of the boy, as well as try and bring the case into the media light.

What makes me mad is that the prosecution actually wanted to give him manslaughter but his family (or the Family behind them) actually pushed for murder one. I'd like to know more myself as to what led the boy to do what he did, what was behind it...

And I'd like to see it brought out in the media so that the world can see that the cult didn't breed a generation of wonder-kids, but in fact, they did severe damage to hundreds if not thousands of kids.

Most of us have coped with our past to a degree where we can keep the 'demons' in control, but I doubt many of us have escaped the utter despair that drives us to considering some of the more wicked alternatives available to us. Unfortunately, some have given in.

To criticise Jim for at least trying to help the guy is beyond ridiculous. Give it a break.