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what's being accomplished?

Posted by Acheick on April 20, 2005 at 02:16:27

I was thinking about a comment made on MovingON about Jim LaMattery and how he is actively pursuing TFI while other exmembers have been posting for years on these boards but doing nothing. That hurt really deep. So I was talking to someone about that and I thought, wait a minute, not everyone is an activist or can fulfill that role and to put guilt on exmembers because they aren't doing what someone thinks they should be doing is like saying everyone should be the same or doing the same thing - let's all be in a cult again.

I was also thinking about what is being accomplished here. My position is that if I can expose TFI doctrines, TFI procedures, the wrongdoings of TFI by being on these boards, publishing the truth about them, certain things could happen that would make it very beneficial. Those things are as follows:

1 - By coming to these boards and dialoging with other exmembers, a family with children involved could become more whole and more productive and better equipped to handle life outside of TFI thereby creating a better environment for their whole family unit. This can only be a good thing and especially for the children involved.

2 - Members could possibly (and it has happened on many ocassions) leave TFI by getting the courage they need by visiting these boards and reading the various articles, etc. This would ensure that future generations are spared a life within TFI and the teens or young adults would not have to leave the stifling environment, their family and friends to strike out on their own in a new environment they are unprepared for. This can only be a good thing.

3 - Others could be forewarned (and this has happened on many ocassions also) with information that we never had and be alerted as to the dangers of this reclusive group thereby keeping other people from joining - this can only be a good thing.

I just refuse to buy into this default that the few vocal exmembers who are trying to make a difference on these websites serve no purpose. So there, I've said my piece and hope you all bear with me.