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since you have so many answers

Posted by porceleindoll on April 20, 2005 at 02:19:57

In Reply to: Here's what I suggest posted by LISW on April 18, 2005 at 22:35:10:

Why don't you get yourself involved with this situation and take your answers to the prison and become the boy's helper. Why don't you put your name out into the public eye and the media and on the exmember boards so it can be smeared both publicly and privately, so that anyone who knows you will know all about your sordid and ugly past involvement, so that it can follow you around like an ugly stench.

We have to start somewhere in helping those connected to us. You sound like the one who doesn't give a rat's ass about this kid, from your writings. What the hell are you doing to help this kid and any other SGA that comes across your path?? Have you spent money putting them up in your house, feeding them, talking to them, offering them work at your office or job?

You know what really burns my ass--people complaining about how bad teh Family is, how they didn't take care of their own, how they just let their kids out into the world without any help and blah blah, bitch bitch. Then someone does stand up and do something about it, and they are criticised from everything as to how they talk to what they involve themselves in. The way I see it right now, the exmember community is a no-win situation. There is noone perfect enough to suit them. Anyone who steps above the exmember lines of perfection automatically becomes a target. I mean, a person can't even apologise anymore without being shot down and beat-up.