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about Borowick's post

Posted by exer on April 20, 2005 at 15:15:17

i think your doing a wise thing to wait & confirm if that message you rec'd is really from Borowick or not. if it turend out to be a fake & you'd posted it w/o getting confirmation, it'd blow up in your face. remember the time you replied to someone's canned spoof on this board thinking it wasa real eloquent post? so make sure it's legit first.

some friendly advice .. watch out for Family moles trying toget info from you. you were the one who decided against the wishes of other participants to announce to the world that there w as an FBI investigation goingon. i don't know it that was wise but what wasdone is done. just make sure you don't start blabbing details ofthe investigation to any & eveyone who gives you an affidavit. they might be a plant to gain your confidence & get onthe inside & get info from you. my advice: don't tell ANY one anything they don't need to know or it could ruin this investigation.