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some thoughts on prodigal prodigies

Posted by susie on April 21, 2005 at 02:04:39

I was just reading the Warning to Ho and Esther letters. It reminded me of what a suck up Ruthie was and how those letters just made her so holier than thou. Dad comments must have just made her cream her jeans. She was a right royal pain in the arse. When I left the Family with my two kids she wrote me a letter asking if I would please send ONE of them back. Can you believe that? Yeh right. As if?
Esther was completely insane and I believe needed pyschairatric help. She would sometimes wake the kids up in the middle of the night to take them to the beach on a crazy whim. Otherwise she would spend the whole day in bed. They were the weirdest bunch I ever met in the Family. I dont' know if their kids are still in. I hope some of them made it out. I can't imagine how big Ruthie's arse is by now.:)