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Claire Borowick's Letter

Posted by on April 21, 2005 at 11:30:44

I will be posting the letter I received from Calire Borowick on April 19th within a few hours. It will also contain my response to her. From today's date forward, I will be posting any communication that I receive from Claire, Peter, or Maria, on our site at I am sorry that I have not had the time to respond to questions on this board. I have fielded all the public questions I could on for the last week. I am now receiving numerous emails from second generation members who are currently in The Family International. I feel that I have given all the time I can to all of the ex-member boards in regards to general questions posed to me in public. I will no longer be responding on any of these boards, unless I feel the need to because of character assasinations, misreprentations, or other items that need to be specifically cleared up. I will now be giving my time to the investigators, the media, and the appeal process for a young man in prison. I will, however, field questions from second generation adults currently in The Family International because they deserve my attention at this critical time. I will post the letters, and responses that I give to those letters, as soon as humanly possible, so that all of the ex-member community can hear the issues they are currently concerned about. These letters and responses will be posted only on our site, and we ask that you don't cut and paste them for your own purposes. Please use any of it only in their complete and entire form. I don't like restatements of what I've said, and I respect that these young people currently in TF should be shown the same respect. Thank you all in adavance for your patience. Jim LaMattery