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Diff between rank-&-file & top leaders

Posted by Observer on April 22, 2005 at 13:34:21

In Reply to: Re: Hard to know what to say to this posted by Jim LaMattery on April 22, 2005 at 12:43:52:

I'm not judging you for your Christianity, Jim. I'm a Christian myself. Yeah, & I realize also you were speaking to them in a language you felt they understood. But wrap your brain around this: they DON'T understand Christian principles, not at a gut level where it counts.

To them, all this is about power & doing whatever they have to do to maintain it, & to hell with the wounded victims. To controlling cultists like Peter, Maria, Perfilio, Clair, the teachings of Jesus are well & fine (except for forgiving their 'enemies' & not cursing them, etc.) but you gotta understand you're not speaking to regular rank-&-file members who have sincere faith, whose conscience can still be awoken. You're talking to the hardened liars at the top, people who have basically sold their souls for power, control & survival above all.

You are talking to the very leaders who ordered hundreds of young SGs to lie & defame their older brothers & sisters who suffered abuse. THIS after they did a big 'apology' a couple years ago to SGs who 'might' have been abused. P&M are the criminals involved in a massive coverup & denial. Rather than pay one penny in restitution to the victims of their jackboots, they will pay high-salary lawyers to argue that the victims are lying.

You've offended quite a few ex-member SGs, Jim, which is regrettable. Hopefully you learned from that. But my advice is turn around & take off the kid's gloves with Family leaders & start talking to them like the criminals they are.