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Re: all this talk about leaders

Posted by Jim LaMattery on April 22, 2005 at 14:19:40

In Reply to: Re: all this talk about leaders posted by Acheick on April 22, 2005 at 13:27:51:

The children that you claim I offended need, again, to speak for themselves. There are many issues between only a small handful of SGAs and myself. The majority of SGAs that elected to stand up and write their affidavits had no problems with me. A small handful have been very vocal against me. They did not want me to announce the FBI and IRS investigations. Some don't want criminal prosecution of their parents. I deeply understand their positions, and have respected those positions. The vocal few have not let everyone else that they dragged into the verbal fight on into the intimate facts. If they were to post every email between us, then you could have a better opportunity to judge for yourself what really went down.
I will not post those emails. Those would have to be done by the individuals involved. There is plenty of third-party hearsay that developed because these are all friends of each other and they rightfully stood up to protect their friends when they concluded that their friends had been "wronged" by me. I actually admire their willingness to defend their friends. But a lot of "group think" insued, and things now need to be sorted out. I don't think we need more "group think" on any of these important issues facing all of us. We each need to act responsibly and according to our own consciousness. When I said do the right thing, I wasn't asking you what the "right" thing was. I do what's right by me, it's my standard, it couldn't possibly be seen by you, or anyone else, as the completely "right" thing by them. I understand this. I am sympathetic to this. But still, it remains, I must do what I feel is right.