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Jim, I am really glad to know, that you apologized to the

Posted by Farmer on April 22, 2005 at 18:20:37

In Reply to: Apologies posted by Jim LaMattery on April 22, 2005 at 16:49:12:

SGAs in question...for one, you do yourself a favour, having some burdens and rocks off your chest & also you do the SGAs a real favour, who were bullied too long by us...they need FGAs who are determined against TF but also compsassionate, not an easy combination...I see your dedication, you always had my respect there & now add some more compassion & understanding to it & you get even better "grades"....

By the way, I have also quite a few weaknesses, (I also like some of my "style")...I had & have to live with them, but I sure don't like them, but they remind me, how limited I am & what an
a...hole & sinner....I'd like it to be different, being less of a pain in the ass of someone sometimes, but again, there's also a reason, why "I am down here" ; )...& for that, I don't really need an "earthly leader".