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Re: And?

Posted by Acheick on April 22, 2005 at 19:11:23

In Reply to: And? posted by Jim LaMattery on April 22, 2005 at 18:29:09:

I don't think anyone wants you to stop, just to be aware of their tactics and how they work, that's all. We've seen it so many times over the years. The raids in the 90s come to mind. This is why they stay away from the U.S., because they know the laws are tighter here and less forgiving. I was surprised to see at where they put up a chart of current members, etc., how many are living in the States. Such a turn around from the days when the U.S. was the great whore and to be avoided at all costs. What you wanna bet we soon see a major drop in members residing in the U.S.? They're going to hole up in Africa, Romania, the Ukraine, Pakistan, anyplace that basically will ignore them or think they are bonafide because they don't know any better. I'm betting their going to be told this is the beginning of the great trib and their going to start to ignore the education of their offspring.