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Just some thoughts

Posted by Jo on April 22, 2005 at 19:59:12

In Reply to: Are you really so naive? posted by long on April 22, 2005 at 18:53:53:

Isn't Jim working with personal family members who have left "The Family" and who are fully aware of how the family operates in setting up and taking down shop, hiding perps, etc?

One thing to consider is that at least once before, even though Maria/Karen/whoever never had her time in court, the Family did have to answer to allegations in the Lord Justice Ward case. Wasn't Peter A./CS/S.Kelley/whoever present at that court proceeding?

They can't hide forever. Especially the stronger that the effort gets while putting aside differences, for those that want to and can be involved.

I see what is happening now as something progressing to a higher level of accountability and a higher level of action than ever before. TFI has too many programs going on to get out of this one.

So, two thumbs up to Jim and his family imo.

Also I am glad there are initiatives set up for second generation now, like Safe Passage Foundation and others being constructed.

Besides that, there are people who are willing to assist in resource hunting for ex FG that want to leave. I think it is reasonable to expect many will stay feeling they are defending the faith. If it were a matter of having a quirky lifestyle that was "controlled" it would not be so much of a concern as it is when so many criminal elements are introduced to the detriment of so many of it's adherents.

That is what i am thinking anyway.