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Claire's defection--a question

Posted by Porceleindoll on April 22, 2005 at 20:13:04

Many people have speculated on whether or not Claire would defect from the Family or ever leave it. The general consensus is that no, she would never do it.

I beg to differ:

By being a media spokesperson, Claire is in a position where she MUST lie or evade the truths. She must make statements that neither lie nor tell the truth concerning the Family's past and questions that come up in the media about it. She must lie about herself and her own past. This is just a fact as a media spokesperson for the Family. This can be testified to by many 'spokespersons' who have left the group. It can also be testified to by many SGAs who were 'trained' for being on TV.

At the HCS in the 90's when the whole media storm happened in Japan, several of the more 'showy' SGAs were gathered together for preparation in speaking to the media that was descending on the place. If I remember correctly (I wasn't part of the actual meeting, but I heard from some of the ones who were) they were given a list of 'tricky' questions they may be asked, and pre-meditated answers to those questions. They were told to lie outright on some issues, esp. those concerning sex and minors.

Almost every single media spokesperson from that era has left the group. The pressures of facing the media and lying on top of it was too much. These people had joined what they thought was a pure group, an honest and sincere group to serve the Lord, only to discover that they had to lie to protect the group, something that goes against purity.

Claire's involvement with the media, esp. as the general spokesperson for the whole group, will eventually lead to a few possible endings:

1. A total nervous breakdown (if it hasn't already happened)

2. Leaving the group in total rejection of the group and what it stands for, since she knows how much she's had to lie to protect it.

3. A complete ignoring of her own conscience in order to continue serving the group. This is the most dangerous in my opinion because I feel that eventually it will catch up with her and she will be worse in the end then if she followed either of the other 2 routes.

These are just speculation based on the pattern of past spokespersons. But the truth is the seeds of doubt are already planted in her heart concerning the group's purity and authenticity, at some point those seeds will grow and completely devour her in some form.