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Re: Saturday Nite Live

Posted by James Bond on April 23, 2005 at 00:54:33

In Reply to: jim.. posted by ray on April 22, 2005 at 23:46:34:

My name is LaMattery. Jim LaMattery.

I am too busy taking care of affidavits and driving SGA's to the FBI to come around these boards and bother with people who don't want to cooperate.
I am too busy to come around these boards so I won't be posting here anymore.
I am too busy bringing the Family to justice so don't ask me to come around these boards because I already said (since 3.15.2005) that I wasn't coming around these boards to post on these boards anymore.
I am not fleeing. I am just not coming around these boards to post anymore.
I apologize if I did not listen. I need to listen more.
These damn FGAs don't want to cooperate in bringing justice.
These damn SGAs have a small vocal group who attacks me.
I apologize. I forgot that I said I should learn to listen. I forgot I said I did not want to come around these boards and I would only post on
I forgot I apologized.
Did I apologize?
Damn. I apologized.
These damn FGAs and SGAs both make me trip and apologize.
I feel your pain. By the way, you need to stop not giving me information and obstructing justice. You don't have money to pay rent? You have been sick for 2 weeks?
I understand.
So, where's your affidavit? How come you have not sent it yet?
I will be too busy going on talk shows so send me money. You don't like what I said and think I sound like some bad memories of yours?
Well. I understand. I apologize. And you can shove it.