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I can't figure it out

Posted by Acheick on April 23, 2005 at 15:01:06

In Reply to: Re: I agree - another potential supporter lost posted by grey on April 23, 2005 at 14:44:41:

I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and since he was posting, was happy to have a dialogue with him and sort things out so everyone could feel better about him. Sadly, he was not up for that task and has only used the opportunity to slam one person after another thereby vindicating himself in his mind, while leaving everyone cut off at the ankles bleeding.

I see a Jim-Boy (reminds me of the character John-Boy - that sort of culture) who is proud of his arrogance and is proud that he is the one in the limelight saving these children while us stick in the mud exers have done nothing and hide in the shadows. Let him go and talk to my daughter who has asked me NOT to be in the news, who was shocked when she saw her past revealed on Law and Order, her favorite program, and called her sister nearly in tears. Who is Jim-Boy thinking of? He has to see the whole picture and he is not, he only sees his little world which is fine, but if he wants to have communication with anyone else, then he better open up his horizons or he may as well forget about it. In that case, he seems happy enough to go it alone, ride-em cowboy, yippie kai yay! Well, good for him, but he better be forewarned that he needs to leave this suffering community alone or I will be here with my double edged sword to meet him everytime. I feel bad because I know his kin and I know what wonderful people they are and they are trying to get something going and I'm sure they are happy to have his cowboy spirit to back them up.

However, he continuously criticizes us as if we have done absolutely nothing (where was he during the raids all over the world - there were many exers involved in that), where was he when we went up against FCF and published many things about them, even in spite of their threatening letters to this very site. Where was he when we received threats to take down the Mo letters and Maria letters that exposed them? Where was he when we wrote the D.A.'s office and no one would listen to us? Where was he when I had 8 children and was on welfare trying to take care of them since their father wanted nothing to do with us backsliders?

He knows nothing about us and right now he's talking out of his ass and it's not becoming at all. He doesn't think any of us were victims, well, he can take that and shove it. I know I was a victim and so were many others that I know. He wants to talk tough - well, the gloves are off. This is one mad Armenian who does not take these things very lightly.