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To Jim LaMattery

Posted by Coordinators on April 24, 2005 at 00:02:49

Jim, you have been advised to read the rules of and to be aware of commonsense nettique. It is ironic that the last person I had to tell to read the rules was Shrek who is/was an outspoken critic of you and your family. Shrek seems to have realized that over-the-line insensitive behavior, personal attacks & the naming of names will not tolerated.

You are free to use this forum to speak your mind but must adhere to our Rules & Guidelines. In that spirit you are also asked to cease and desist using shaming techniques to recruit affidavits & to stop accusing people of cowardice if they do not write you.

There are quite likely people standing up who, however, do not wish to stand with you. Those who chose to write of their own free will do so, but just because someone does not write you with their story & does not stand with you does not mean that they are not speaking out and/or bypassing you & contacting the FBI directly.

The address of the FBI has been posted publicly on all boards for those wishing to initiate contact. At any rate, you wrote on MovingOn a week ago that you had enough affidavits now & no one needed to send you any more.

You have numerous posts and have touched on many different points in a short period of time. It is possible that your style, which you have recognized as abrasive and arrogant, may be at fault, but the fact is that your communications show you in an unfavorable light and it is possible that what has confused so many comes from the limitations of this type of communications.

The coordinators of this site have agreed to offer you a possible simple solution:

Learn how to use your website and spend more time writing there the things you consider important using the style you are comfortable with and try to answer clearly and completely those questions that may need clarifying.

This is not a call for you to stop posting in this site. It is an option we are offering you to address the issues that need addressing. There is a middle ground point where we can meet. We can work together and are willing to make the effort, but you must also make the effort to learn how to communicate and learn.