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Re: To Jim LaMattery

Posted by Observer on April 24, 2005 at 11:17:57

In Reply to: Re: To Jim LaMattery posted by Jim LaMattery on April 24, 2005 at 11:03:34:

Jim, I guess you'll do what you think you have to do. Most people consider private e-mails to be just that, private, so if you choose to cross that boundary & post correspondence between you & Jules, just be aware that you'll be sending a signal to ANYone who communicates with you: ('I'm nice to you now but ever do anything I think crosses me & I'll post all the private e-mails we've ever had.')

You're kidding yourself if you think all this began with Jules posting her thoughts on your behavior. This all began with your behavior. But I guess you don't see that.

Many people like myself were not divided pro or con until recently, but I have a feeling if you do this, you'll shake every remaining person off the fence & to your surprise they might not end up on your side. I'd say carefully consider & counsel with others like John Jr., your brother John, Bella, etc. before posting private e-mails.

Once you cross that line you may find that your actions backfire on you rather than helping you. You will be plainly declaring to everyone who communicates with you in confidence: 'Do something I don't like & I will public post our private e-mails.' People will think twice about writing you.