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Re: I'm just glad

Posted by Jim LaMattery on April 24, 2005 at 13:07:49

In Reply to: I'm just glad posted by Acheick on April 24, 2005 at 12:51:38:

I've kept all the emails that have been sent to me, and all of my replies (actually it is an automatic feature of my email account). In situations, and I saw this coming from the beginning when I went to the FBI- by the way I keep all of their emails they sent to me as well-so far they haven't complained), where I must defend myself from attacks (I knew a lot of people would not be happy with this investigation) I would be able to show the communication that transpired. Several individuals have threatened to sue me, and these emails are extremely valuable in defending myself from frivolous lawsuits. Again, none of the people who actually sent me affidavits have complained to me. So, unless you have some important information to send me via email, and did not first send it to the FBI or IRS, then don't coorespond with me personally. Thanks, and I understand your position.