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Jim LaMattery is totally irrelevant

Posted by Observer on April 24, 2005 at 13:55:49

It's important that he stood up for his daughter & wants to have her abuser face charges. That's what any father should do. But as far as anything else to do with a criminal investigation of the Family, Jim is completely irrelevant. All his 'good works' talking on TV, damanding affidavits, talking to the FBI, making non-FBI-approved announcements, chatting with Clair Borowick, posting letters from SGs who say they don't want to talk with him, wanting to write Ricky's life story, wanting to make a movie, in all of this Jim is completely irrelevant to the investigation.

It was going on before Jim came along & if he just stepped aside & let the FBI do their job & stepped aside & let SGs speak out, he wouldn't be missed. Your daughter appreciates what you do, Jim, so focus on Philip Sloan. Otherwise you're just in the way.