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the birds are feeding & breeding

Posted by Bird Watcher on April 25, 2005 at 21:33:54

In Reply to: Re: the birds are singing posted by The Birds are Off-Key on April 25, 2005 at 14:16:13:

I don't have endless optimism about people, but I do have optimism about life in general. Today I watched two blue jays and a cardinal go at it on the feeder. Jays are very large, aggressive birds. The much smaller cardinal pumped himself up to look bigger, spread his wings, squawked at the bully jays, then plopped himself down in an undisturbed place on the feeder to have breakfast.

So life is beautiful/brutal, and basically about making sure you get enough to eat.

Well, life is about at least one other thing. Later on this morning I watched a robin banging its head against the window of my cabin. What's this? A suidical robin? I watched him fly off a distance into the brush and dance around on the ground, flapping his wings and fanning his tail in front a lady robin for several minutes. Then he flew up to the cabin and started banging his head on the window again.

Life is wonderful/terrible, and the drive to generate new life produces some unexplainable behavior at times.