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the internecine internet...

Posted by ray on April 27, 2005 at 19:53:38

internecine: mutually destructive, characterized by great slaughter...

having been away, and then laid up , during most of the recent brouhaha, i managed to avoid getting into any highly personalized and heated crossfire on most of this discussion.

i wonder if the nature of discussion boards, and the almost irresistable pull to fire back at things that are percieved as personal slights, and then escalate with every turn of the dial, ESPECIALLY given the very emotional nature of these issues (defending our kids, or our friends, or our families honor, etc.) hasn't gotten things to a point where everyone might benefit from simply stepping back a few feet, and trying to see things from the perspective of the other party? I feel certain there is so much all parties here agree on, that if there were time, in a face-to-face discussion, and a little greater sensitivity to the real life challenges and sensitivities of each other, and a chance to sense the shared sense of concern , despite different opinions or approaches to specific issues, that it might be something that would have resulted in a greater synergy, as opposed to the present middle east crisis.

it is particularly painful to see things devolve into attacks on families etc. geez, most of our families have already been through so much, who needs that?

is there anyway to try and start over on some of these issues? heck everyone here not only agree that the family was a catastrophe to many,but also wish to see it's destructive behavior come to an end, and that the lives of those who have been hurt find healing. if folks didn't even care, why would they even be here? they probably have cable...

the exfamily community that remains engaged in anyway to these issues is pretty small, it seems to me. finding a way to cooperate, or at least not devour one another, would seem to be desirable. or am i missing something?

is it me, or does reading excult discussion boards remind you of reading a bunch of excultists on a discussion board?? :).