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Berg trying to keep the 2nd generation

Posted by Observer on April 28, 2005 at 12:41:49

In Reply to: Victor Camps, Teen Training Programs, Detention Camps posted by Researcher on April 28, 2005 at 10:29:20:

Remember how the big thought from 'New Bottles' was that Family kids would be the purest generation, purer than us, born in the Family & never knowing the System's influence? Tho there's only a small verse about 'new bottles can hold the new wine' Berg pinned a LOT of his doctrine & whole way of looking at the world on that one tiny verse. Policy turned on this minor cog. We were the 'old bottles,' the not-so-pure older generation who might not make it into the promised land, but our kids were going to be the Endtime Army to go in & conquer. They would be the flaming witnesses & the Heaven's Girls & Boys raising their finger & zapping fighter jets out of the skies.

Maybe Berg thought he could actually pull this 'super-youth' thing off with all the children born in the Family, since his own four kids --Ho, Aaron, Faithy & Deb-- had all ended up very 'religious' & part of the founders of the Rev for Jesus. So he thought he could raise even more children & they'd all turn out perfectly falling in line & jumping to his finger-snapping like his four kids had.

When it began to be apparent that Family children were growing up into normal kids & teens & questioning authority & what they'd been raised to believe then Berg's absurd expectations for the second generation began crumbling. He'd boasted that the churches lost most of their kids but the Family would hang on to most of theirs. So when 'Teen Terrors' came out, that was Berg's wake-up call that the Family might start to lose some of the second generation, so that's when the hard policies with kids began.

I think the Victor Camps (called Detention Centers at first) began shortly after that. He was desperate to hang on to Family kids & began draconian methods to retrain them. Of course a lot of us ended up in the Victor Camps too, but it all began with the second generation in mind.