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Re: Victor Camps, Teen Training Programs, Detention Camps

Posted by jo on April 28, 2005 at 15:59:22

In Reply to: Re: Victor Camps, Teen Training Programs, Detention Camps posted by Researcher on April 28, 2005 at 11:09:58:

Taking this back to the time that I was recruited by the family in Los Angeles in 1970, we, the youth at that time, were given lots of endtime fear and there was a constant fear of one thing or another. CA falling into the sea for people earlier than me in the group, Nuclear destruction in 72 with a host of nightmare dreams and warnings and urgency to get out of America or die.
I remember being told as I teen that "we" (the recruited youth) were God's endtime army. Later Berg wrote his time line which would have had Jesus coming back a year before Berg's own death I believe.. So there would be another generation that would be THE endtime army for God.
Now it sounds like Third generation are pumped up for that. Isn't Maria encouraging youth to marry and reproduce as young teens?
Another thing is that before VC's were ever created there were homes or places FG were sent to be harshly dealt with. Often separated from children or a child.
Regarding sickness, if a leaders child was sick, as in top leader royal family person, it seemed to be the fault of the devil or whoever was around the child, but for pretty much everyone else, if a child was sick or injured even if in not in the direct care of the parents, or due to obvious negligence not having to do with the parent, it happened because something was wrong with the parent.
One example of this that happened to me was that once I was on the back seat of a van going up a steep hill and the driver thought jerking the gear change would be fun for the kids.
Since the back seat was not bolted in properly, it hit the back of the van and my son split his fingertip open. That was my fault because God would not have let it happen if something wasn't wrong with me. (According to common thought via leadership).

With regard to schools and camps, I was not around when the Victor camps started, but was aware Berg was already plannig to send kids off as "adults" and was approving of children having sex at young ages with letters on "Child Brides" "Marry Time" etc. That was at the time I got out of Dodge..