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'Dead Men Walking' from James Penn article

Posted by reposter on April 28, 2005 at 18:58:23

In Reply to: Re: she was caught posted by sarafina on April 28, 2005 at 18:37:12:

(FYI, Staff member K is Keda)

Dead Men Walking: The French (Canadian) Connection

The papers are photocopies of Canadian passports for Gabe, Amy, Davidito, Techi, and several other staff members. Each is filled out in a fictitious name and has a passport photo of the applicant.

As I later learned, back in 1989, staff member K had been recruited to illegally obtain Canadian passports for several of Mo and Maria's staff. The reasoning seemed to be that as the forged Australian passports had worked so well for Mo and Maria, it was a good idea to expand the concept so that their close-in staff members could also have forged passports in false names. This way, the whole staff would be safe from The Bad People (Jews, blacks, antichrist forces, police, etc.), and could "disappear" and travel undetected, with no connection to their legal names. (If you are a Startrek fan, it would be like a Romulan cloaking device.) And what better place to do this than Canada, where getting a passport is relatively easy? So K went to Quebec, visited graveyards, got names, got ID for dead people and then submitted passport applications. Mo and Maria's staff were on their way to becoming dead French-Canadians!

At some point in the process the police got wind of what K was doing and raided the place where she was staying, arresting her. On October 12, 1989, she was convicted in Montreal, Quebec under Section 94 of the Immigration Act ("the intent to commit an illegal act") and sentenced to eight months in prison. On October 27, she was convicted of theft over $1,000. - and received a suspended sentence and two year probation. On November 15, she was convicted of two more Immigration Act offences: Section 57-3 ("fraudulent passport application"), and Section 9-29A ("being in the possession of forged passports"). She was also convicted of obstructing a police officer for which she received a sentence of 45 days. In early 1990 she was deported to her home country.

Three years later the police picked up the cold trail and decided to check out the farm where Mo, Maria, Peter, and staff were still living. Among other things, they were concerned that children had been involved in this criminal activity. It was a legal "fishing expedition" and Officer L and his partner were amazed to find themselves talking to Amy, who clearly matched the photo on her forged passport. Later they met Gabe, and knew they had hit pay dirt.

When Officer L produces the passport applications in their living room, Gabe and Amy are flabbergasted. Gabe makes no attempt to deny involvement, saying that it was part of a hare-brained scheme concerning their missionary work. As missionaries, he said, they were sometimes kicked out of a country and had a bad stamp put in their passport. They wanted a second set of passports so they could return to those countries if they wished. Pretty weak tea, but poor Gabe is really winging it. Of course, Gabe says, they are very sorry and will never do it again. Ever.

A little while later Officer L leaves, telling them he will be in touch. One of the technicalities that prevents him from arresting Gabe and Amy is that they had not actually signed their forged passports. Therefore there is room for plausible deniability.