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Re: Berg's Military Service

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on April 28, 2005 at 23:44:59

In Reply to: Berg's Military Service posted by Boyz-2-Men? on April 28, 2005 at 20:08:27:

I can't believe the gall of some! Especially our viscious backslidden backsliders! Our vicious, villifying, vindiative, vitrolic, venemous, vacuous, vomiting enemies! How many "V's" is that? Seven! Seven "V's"! Hal! PTL! Mooshkitty-booshkitty amba pamba busksas tu Papa! Even so our enemies shall perish while we are victorious! "V" for Victory! (Dad wipes tears from eyes.)

Even after I'm dead our vicious backslidden backslider enemies have to try to slur my military record! Maria, have you heard the latest thing they're calling me? a sneaky draft dodger who deliberately stood outside the kitchen in freezing weather so's I could get sick & be discharged!

That is a blatant lie! I never did that, tho I admit it would've been a helluva good idea! Why shouldn't I get out of the Devil's army so I could avoid getting killed by the Japs? Did you hear? I told you. I told you. My entire regiment of Army Corp Engineers that I was part of, they all got killed in battle! Every single last man! They had to go in and build bridges ahead of the army and the casualties were enormous. But I didn't know that AHEAD of time. No! I had no idea that staying in the Army in WW2 might get me killed. That's a LIE!!

I just happened to be standing outside the kitchen that night sweating like a pig & standing in the freezing snow for an hour & next thing you know I'm in the Infirmary, sick as a dog. Wasn't my fault! Guess God wanted to spare me so I could start the Endtime Army, huh?

Head Demon: OK! BERG-TURD! Stop talking & start shoveling coal again!