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Re: Dance Videos

Posted by Farmer on April 29, 2005 at 01:36:37

In Reply to: Re: Dance Videos posted by PS to clarify on April 28, 2005 at 03:56:45:

I think I had similar views or opinions & wanted to ask/share about you did before me.
When I was in India, most adults, at least the men, always ran around the house topless, seldom the woman, but for that climate almost anything seemed too much, so at that time I didn't think too much of those dance-videos of the little girls...mostly they were children of leaders, who were supposed to "set the sample", copycats of their mothers, as they also thought it was either a direct or indirect requirement of Berg.
I was at the German Litpic in Switzerland and all the pretty girls/adults that is, considered it a "privilege", to
"dance" for me it was undressing to music & that's what was drilled into us, the nuder, the better...without shame etc.
IMO & even now, I don't remember really having seen "porn" (as by state definition, which varies of course, thinking of Muslimcountries) of TF. If it's right, what I heard/read, they even have a definition when displaying nakedness - like in erotic fotoarts - crosses the border ,for the law, to pornography...I heard, in some countries it has to do with the angle of the female legs being opened.True or heresay????
Well, from what I saw, probably the FBI has seen much worse (just thinking of the absolute horrors of snuff videos e.g.)...may be that's why not too much was done???
All that is not belittling what I am convinced TF
has horribly done wrong, me included, by being silent to developments in the letters (which I was blind to!!), but sometimes - or often - it gets first a bit worse, before it really gets bad...if you know what I mean.