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I just had a horrible deja vu

Posted by Acheick on April 30, 2005 at 16:03:23

I went to town yesterday and on my way home, I stopped for gas. While I pulled out the gas pump, some girl with a sicky, icky smile on her face, dressed kinda ragged, started to approach me. I thought, OH MY GAWD, is this some F. person? It was such a similar spirit, but the clothes threw it off, the thing about TF is they know how to provision and make themselves look good, so I just wasn't sure.

She had this beat up little cardboard box with something in it and she was holding it gently in her hands. With that pasted-on sicky smile, she started to tell me that she was part of some church group raising funds. Boy, did a big red flag go up or what - I bet the people down the street saw it!!!

And then she says, "and here it is - tada!" Trying to make herself sound light and funny. I thought, man this girl has been practicing her lines. And with that, she flips the box open and I peer in wondering what sort of crap she is selling. She had some sort of window prisms that you hang up. I thought, "uh-huh, I bet they get these at Dollar World." This just didn't seem like TF, but there were still so many similarities.

I wondered what other group was so much like TF with their PR crap and selling things for their supposed "church." I blurted out, "you're the Moonies aren't you?" Amazingly, her smile never faded but only broadened as she proudly proclaimed that she was indeed a part of the Unification Church International.

I wanted to barf right then and there on her dirty shoes. Instead, I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't give to cults." She just kept smiling and nodding like a sort of malfunctioning robot that was stuck on smile and nod mode. I continued on, "Listen, I was in a cult for 20 years, I know exactly what you are doing and it is wrong, it's damaging and you need to wake up girl, wake up." She just kept smiling and nodding. I wanted to take that stupid box and fling it down the street and let those cheap gadgets smash all over the ground. I wanted to wake up her robotic spirit. I kept looking at her and telling her I knew what she was doing and it was all a lie. By now she was backing away while continue to eyeball me and smile and nod while saying thank you very much.

I went home with a big pit in my stomach. Why is the world full of these people? I'm wondering if it is because of our society and that we took away our natural need to live in communities as clans, so people make them up to fill that gap. IDK, but it's very distressing.