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Is TF responsible for more than sexual abuse?

Posted by Acheick on May 01, 2005 at 14:22:05

Let's take a poll - how many think that TF was just peachy keen pre 1975 because the sexual revolution hadn't taken hold. Was there no abuse then? How about families being separated? How about leaders being intrusive into the lives of couples and their children? How about leaders insisting that members go certain places with certain people or else they would get into trouble with such demeaning things as being sent into a room to fast and pray, having everyone in the home or colony witness your belittling exhortation? Do you think that the leaders of that time could very well be in a position of such authority that they could wreak absolute havoc in the lives of the sheep they were in charge of? And how about leaders enforcing the quota rule and making young mothers with children stay out all night until they got their quota? Wouldn't that be considered abusive also?