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'One Wife' the basic for child trafficking

Posted by Researcher on May 02, 2005 at 01:02:03

In Reply to: Child trafficking just like Gypsies posted by Oldtimer on May 02, 2005 at 00:38:19:

"ONE WIFE"--MO October 28, 1972 GP No.249

1. GOD WILL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM, NOT EVEN THE SANCTITY OF THE MARRIAGE GOD! ...when a marriage is not according to His Will, He doesn't hesitate to break it up and form other unions to further His work!


20. GOD BREAKS UP MARRIAGES IN ORDER THAT HE MIGHT JOIN EACH OF THE PARTIES TOGETHER TO HIMSELF. He rips off wives, husband or children to make up His Bride if the rest of their family refuses to follow! He is the worst "ripper-offer" of all! God is the greatest Destroyer of home and family of anybody! God does more to break up marriages than anybody!

22. DON'T FORGET THIS MEANS YOUR CHILDREN, ALSO! Special favouritism and partiality--that is selfish private property interest! If you love your flesh-and-blood children more than you love God's children of God's Family, then you really haven't come to the realisation of what God's Family is all about! If you're kinder to your own flesh-and-blood children and give them things you don't give the others, or see that they have more comfort than the other children, then you are being partial and selfish and private! With your selfishness and lack of sacrificiality you are striking at the very foundation of God's Family, and that kind of selfishness will destroy and undermine the unity of The Family as a whole.

23. IN OTHER WORDS, PARTIALITY TOWARD YOUR OWN WIFE OR HUSBAND OR CHILDREN STRIKES AT THE VERY FOUNDATION OF COMMUNAL LIVING--against the unity and supremacy of God's Family and its oneness and wholeness! What you're doing when you do that is whittling away and chopping off little chips and bits of The Family to separate them in spirit, and even sometimes in actually, from the rest of The Family, just because they're "yours"!

25. I don't like that expression!--They're all "our" children! Now naturally you have a little more feeling of personal attachment to the children you have borne, and there is bound to be a peculiar relationship of special personal interest there. But if you were perfect in spirit before God, there would be no difference! If your spirit was perfect before God, everybody in the Revolution would be your brother and your sister just as much as your flesh-and-blood, and every child you would feel just as responsible for and love just as much as God loves!

26. NOW IF THERE IS ANY REASON FOR WHICH GOD MAY ALLOW YOU TO GIVE YOUR NATURAL CHILDREN A LITTLE MORE PERSONAL ATTENTION, it is because God knows that all children need individual attention and tender loving care. But anybody could give them that. Anybody could be a mother or father to them! As far as He and His Family are concerned, there is no difference!--God and His Family come first. Any private relationships are neither here nor there, if they in any way hinder or interfere with God and His Family.

27. WHATSOEVER YOU DO IN WORD OR IN DEED, DO ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD, and whatever glorifies God, that's what's right! Does your marriage glorify God? Hallelujah! Does your separation glorify God more?--Then hallelujah! Do your children glorify God? Does your relationship with your children glorify God? Does your separation from your children glorify God more? Hallelujah? Whatever's best for God and His Family is what's right!--Amen?

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