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Yeah, you're right

Posted by Observer on May 02, 2005 at 15:53:55

In Reply to: Re: Berg tried to repeat what he'd done posted by An SG on May 02, 2005 at 14:07:28:

The harshness of overall policies came from Berg & enforced it in every area. What I meant was that a new level of harshness became official policy after 'Teen Terrors' came out.

I imagine there were even 'fasting & praying' punishments back at TSC, but I don't recall them so much. The FAmily's fascination with 'demons' & reactionary backlash toward teenage rebellion & questions (& the development of special camps to punish & retrain) was a later development -- a logical one in the same direction, to be sure, but one that took things to a new level.