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Could This Be Possible???

Posted by Jewlz on May 02, 2005 at 19:28:24

When someone leaves (TF) is it normal procedure for them (TF) to confirm in writing (as in a statement or letter) that they are no longer a tithing member and no longer part of the Family International??

The reason I ask is that there is a tithing member here in Australia (who is still very much in TF) - trying to get full custody of his son with the help of a very expensive lawyer & his own biological family (mum, dad & siblings Ė who are all still in the family) The little boys mother is well & truely out of TF and is desperately trying to be believed by the damn kangaroo courts here in Oz.

The father of this little boy is telling the courts & the judge that he is no longer in TF and hasnít been for years and years. This is so untrue! This man then produced a letter which is to be given to the judge from the TF stating that he is no longer a member and left a long time ago. Could this be possible? Would TF lie about this and say someone is out when they are clearly in - to fight a custody case?