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The roar of Queenie's silence

Posted by Johnny Belinda on May 03, 2005 at 10:51:53

Doesn't it strike anyone as a bit odd that we've heard very little from Queenie since her son's murder/suicide? Beyond a relatively brief statement issued with Pooper that shifted responsibility for Ricky's actions to apostates and evil spirits, she hasn't had anything to say to her flock for quite some time.

Compare her silence to the volumes she wrote in "Choices & Consequences" about the SGA who died on an overdose of drugs or the SGA with mental illness who was hospitalized. It seems the Lord speaks more clearly to Queenie when it involves someone else's trials & troubles.

Do you suppose that for the first time in her shallow, robotic existence Queenie might be formulating some insight into the consequences of HER choices? Nahh...

Do you suppose Queenie might be experiencing an emotional breakdown, coming unwrapped and blathering into her buttermilk about her newest spirit helper? What if Ricky's vow to haunt his mother in the afterlife has been fulfilled?