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More info from Judy on the past

Posted by Reposter on May 03, 2005 at 12:21:35

reposted from Open House:

Hi Anneke,

Actually Jane never talked about what went on with Faithy and Deb. I'm sure she had to eventually know about Faithy at least. Everyone did in that letter about "front rubbing." But Jane probably knew not to talk about that with me.

The Bergs were smart. They knew who they could talk about what with. I was not that trusted on some things. They knew what would probably get me to leave. Susan told me that what got her to leave is when she was at Berg's house he talked to her about being the one to break her 15 year old son in. That is when she realized he was sick. But she got closer in a way to knowing something I never did about the man.

Jane did talk in Malta about Faithy getting raped by the camel trader in Lybia. She seemed very upset about that. What do you expect. Faithy goes to his home alone. One thing I learned in the Arab culture is you never look them straight in the eyes. When a woman looks a man straight in the eye in that culture it means you want to have sex with them. In America we are taught to look people straight in the eye. Well, you have to know your cultures. But why would they be sending her over to his home alone?

Jane seemed to be upset about that. But why was she never upset about Faithy having sex with so many guys in the family? How many husbands did Faithy go through? while Jane was still in there she went through Big Josh, Isaiah, Paul Michael, probably Stephen, anyone who went to Berg's home. Upset because the camel trader may have been older?

If she was so upset about the camel trader, she should have been as upset about that as her sex with Berg, if not more.

All the incest stuff I heard about after I left. Actually Deb never talked about being raped by her father in her book. She talked about the fact that her father had plans to have sex with her when he made her the "Queen". Where she did talk about it was in Japan. That is where Sam heard about it. She thought since that was out of the country it would never get back here. Well it did. I'm sure she didn't want to talk about that happening before she joined because it really incriminated her, and is embarrasing. She joined knowing her dad was a pervert from the start.

This red headed lady in the cult, her name was Hepsiba, now known as Susan, worked with Deb's kids and joined with Deb. She said Deborah would go catatonic when Berg came around, so bad that she couldn't even hardly go to the bathroom by herself. That is how traumatized she had been by her father.

So that is about all I know. Publish this if you want. Judy