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Re: awww - you've been deleted?

Posted by on May 04, 2005 at 13:44:31

In Reply to: Re: awww - you've been deleted? posted by susie on May 03, 2005 at 19:53:21:

Hey, Susie!

I did an on-site search for you, and I see that you are also an FG who left TF in 1983, and you seem to have a lot of heart, and are very outspoken.

Like I said, I was so tired I thought I was on Journeys, not Generation eXers. It was an issue of making a genuine mistake, not an issue of inesensitivity. I explained that, and yet you offhandedly accuse me of possibly causing other posters to flee in terror!

What gives? Lighten up; please--smileys don't cover what I perceive to be your obvious intent.

On Journeys, you said, tongue in cheek, I'm sure, that, "Sorry for being mean. I'm just a big heathen meanie who eats Christians for breakfast.:) ", you called someone "Another religious wacko:)", and that if Australia were like the following quoted description,

""It's a horrible country now, land of devils & demons & evil spirits & vipers & poisonous pests of every kind!".

If there was a god it would be god's country!!"

What do I conclude from that? Do you hate all theists? Do you just hate Christians? Do you feel that you have a sound scientific or philosophical basis for your opinions? I'd gladly discuss with you some of those topics, according to the board's posted guidelines.

I'm not a religious idiot of some sort. I have a brain, and a series of experiences most likely very like your own! Come on!

Your rhetoric is very interesting, although mostly hyperbole. To me, that seems a little defensive on your part. I would gladly enter into more explanatory discussions with you, if you would like to email me.

However, I suspect that you would not come down from some of the superficiality/humor you evince in at least your Journeys posts. I'd welcome dialogue with you; though. I am a human being, not just someone to rant on, or about.

My point is that, unless I am mistaken, you are not a Coordinator for the Gen eXer board; are you?

As I understand the Guidelines, and sincce I see that both FGs and SGs post here, this board exists for:
-the re-examination of belief systems
-eXers to discuss their ideas, hopes, despairs and aspirations freely and not feel compelled to relate everything religiously
-discussion where ideas and debates are encouraged; a board primarily for intelligent discussions, intelligent social exchanges and polite debate.

I've seen from your other posts on ExFam that your desire to help others, your anger against injustice, and your ire towards religiosity is genuine. I have those same feelings and beliefs.

Your humor is a little barbed, but that is understandable. I'd say that you have battled through some of your issues, and have become a very worthwhile person who seeks to inform and defend others.

A little self-righteousness does creep up on the best-intended inevitably, though; I've observed. I've seen it in myself, as well.

Believe it or not, I do care about you, as I do all the exers of TF.

I'm against religion, and the damage it does. I am for relational communication.

and, if you've noticed, I have given you "a break", or the benefit of any doubt I could think of!

You take care, now, Susie!

Love you, too! :-)