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Re: We wouldn't have survived that

Posted by Jo on May 05, 2005 at 17:47:29

In Reply to: Re: We wouldn't have survived that posted by Observer on May 03, 2005 at 22:26:35:

TY Observer for your kind comments. I hope when I write about where I was or where I am at now it gives hope to others. It was a real struggle getting on my feet and I didn't have much in social skills or resources. But hanging in there and working through things I do have something wonderful today. And I do hope this happens for more and more families who have been torn apart by the Family.
I remember reading Stephen Hassan's book "On Combatting Cult Mind Control" ( I think this is the name of it) and he wrote a short piece about working with an ex-COG member and at this time the emphasis was more on ex First Generation because people were getting out either as single adults or with small children largely at this time. So there was nothing geared towards second generation and their distinct experiences within a highly destructive cult.
There was a lot of empathy in what he wrote on working with that person who was getting out of the Family.
He was once a Moonie. Reading that book about his own life was so parallel to the Family in so many ways. I think it helps to read about other highly destructive cults to realize that dynamics are so similar.