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Re: Monday "A Current Affair" on The Family

Posted by TV Guide on May 08, 2005 at 17:47:35

In Reply to: Monday "A Current Affair" on The Family posted by TV on May 08, 2005 at 16:09:32:

A gentle man comes to a violent end. What demons drove Ricky Rodriguez to kill his former nanny, then himself? If you think the Michael Jackson case is shocking, wait ‘til you meet the “Children of God.” Founded in the “Free Love” era of the 1960s, this California sect preached a message of salvation through sex. Yet as A CURRENT AFFAIR reveals on tonight’s report, kids became innocent pawns in this secretive group – none more so than Ricky, whose private torment led to his own personal apocalypse on January 9, 2005.

David Berg’s Children of God sect began in a Southern California storefront. According to Berg, his new “religion” was about “beautiful people, beautiful men and women, beautiful youth, even beautiful sex.” In the 1970s, the organization reportedly attracted the likes of Jeremy Spencer, Fleetwood Mac’s original guitarist. Later, actor River Phoenix spent part of his childhood in the Berg fold. Once Ricky became an adult, he left. Got married. Moved to Arizona. But he remained haunted by his past.

Childhood pal Daniel Roselle says Ricky was exposed to sexual activity early on: “It was no longer wrong…for an adult man to have sex with a young girl. It was no longer wrong for an adult woman to have sex with a young boy.” Don Irwin recalls occasions “where adult women suggested they were going to make themselves available for sexual activities with me. In both cases, I just told them [I’m not interested]. I want to play with Legos.”

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