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Raising multi-dimensional children

Posted by WS Researcher on May 13, 2005 at 04:54:41

The consciousness community movement is well and thriving for years now. It is designed for adults, however. So we need each of us to turn that knowledge into small increments to be shared with our multi-dimensional children as it is needed for each individual.

The three R's can still be met at either school or at home, yet HISTORY can be all the more dramatic when a kid remembers living in Egypt; or it becomes more alive when he/she re-discovers another lifetime and the name "Bath" comes up - 'what on earth is that, Mom?' and I can bring out the Atlas and find Bath, England for her.
EARTH SCIENCES take on a whole new light when your kid has spoken to a person from the interior of Pluto.
....and what do you find to read to him/her when your multi-dimensional child talks about other realities as if that's the street your neighbor lives on ???
Which physics book is going to even approach a helpful understanding of their inherent knowing?

There have been many psychics, channelers, spiritualists etc, in the past, (though their abilities had usually been developed as adults, or were not understood, and ridiculed into the ground.) There has been many years of awakening in both the 'alternative' community and in our professions slowly, even with some with a degree of scientific rigor.
To me as a parent, what is NEW, is that these abilities are coming in small, small packages now!! These kids aren't here to play 'hurry-up-and-wait' games
~ ~ wait to get a relevant education - until they are 18, and out of school and can get access to philosophical concepts never seen inside a public school!

So, here we are needing to develop a curriculum for an inquiring spirit/heart/mind, (but not the patience level) of materials that many of us didn't find to read for ourselves until we were much older.
Even the psychic and intuitive teens now still don't want to have to wade through information written even only 10 or so years ago designed for a culture that has been in skeptical mode for 3000 years. What is intuitively so obvious to them... they say to us,
'Why are they still debating that, Mom? They need to get over it, already!

. . . Providing our kids with an appropriate relevant education currently requires us to synthesize what is available from the best and most advanced thinkers of the last 30 years and bring it into age-appropriate terminology. Often I have discovered that that may be found in small doses - using just one chapter out of a Buckminster Fuller book, for instance.