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Re: I think it just depends

Posted by Agree on May 17, 2005 at 09:52:58

In Reply to: I think it just depends posted by lydia on May 17, 2005 at 03:18:38:

"...if he HAD tried to protest in my state of mind I probably would have just called him a backslider and left him."

I'm glad you said this, because my first thought at reading FSH's post was that his wife is largely responsible for the choices she made. I realize that couples share a certain amount of responsibility, particularly when it comes to kids. But when it comes to something like one's own body, I strongly believe I am responsible for what I put in it, how I take care of it, who I let touch and know me as a physical being, and whether I bring a child to term.

This principle of personal responsibility for all decisions regarding my body is mediated by violence (rape) and other forms of coersion. I am not responsible for anyone's decision to violate me. Perhaps FSH feels he coerced his wife? Simply encouraging and supporting her decision is not the same as psychologically twisting her arm.

There's another side to the principle of personal responsibility for one's body. Did FSH ever share with other women in TF? If so, that is what he might feel a responsibility to reconcile within himself, with his wife, and/or with God.