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Re: There are some absolutes

Posted by Jo on May 18, 2005 at 11:28:59

In Reply to: There are some absolutes posted by FSH on May 18, 2005 at 03:58:20:

What self respecting woman would go out and prostitute herself for Jesus? Or do any number of things in the family? I think the "absolute" here is that we were under the influence of something much bigger than us, individually, and we all did things we would never have dreamt we would do within that manipulative cult under a very manipulative and sick man and for some now a woman and her consort.
There were some men that were abusive before they were ever in the family. Within the family it was allowed by some. Other doctrines were encouraged.
Why did we go along with any of them? I have to look at core beliefs:

* God could kill us or harm us or our loved ones for daring to disobey.

* To question or doubt doctrine was to doubt God and be weak and of the devil.

* To question or doubt or speak out against unwanted activity could lead to separations from family members which occurred anyway in many cases to keep us dependent on the TOP.

These are just a few things that kept us in line and allowed us to do things we would normally never have done in most cases. Whether it is a husband that does nothing to stop his wife, even encourages her, or it is a woman who goes after the FFing with a gusto, or why people that love each other deeply can ge separated and so on and so on.

Looking back is very painful when coming to terms with all this because it is easy to say, if I did not take part in certain things: "Well I never would have done THAT.."

The truth is, who can really be certain what they would have done had they been swept up to higher levels within the belly of the beast?

I think what protected me was abuse I suffered pre-family that was so badly triggered. It wasn't that I stood on morally higher ground. I think many people who are recruited by cults are already highly demoralized.