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Actually, I was talking about husbands

Posted by FSH on May 18, 2005 at 22:47:10

In Reply to: Re: There are some absolutes posted by susie on May 18, 2005 at 21:56:11:

I was talking about husbands who also suffered along woth the women, and who got caught up in the mess and allowed/encouraged unthinkable things. I was referring to the specific damage to male members partaking of the sexual revolution. My posts were written in response to the idea that men were the winners in the cult, that men had an advantage in being able to live irresponsibly and enjoy the freedoms of FFing and sharing, that the main sufferers were the women and children, that we have nothing to complain about because we had it so easy. All we had to do was get over our jealousy, and nurse whatever bruised egos we had through gaining a whole line of women we could fuck on demand.

Well that was not my experience, I too suffered from what was happening. Rather than be a dead beat husband, I tried to take on more responsibility than I could manage. I failed miserably in some areas as a father and husband, and I still pay for my past attitude and decisions. I created difficult conditions for myself and my offspring. I couldn't be around for some of them. I failed my wife whom I was supposed to love and cherish and protect. This bothers me much. I was just wondering if it hurts other male members too, and why they tend not to talk about it.