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that is kind of you Susie

Posted by lydia on May 19, 2005 at 12:07:39

In Reply to: Re: and what is that suppose to mean???????????? posted by susie on May 18, 2005 at 18:35:43:

I don't think there is much about my past that isn't known on through the boards by the Ex community here.

I don't feel I have any dark deep secrets you have to keep for me.

I wish I knew exactly what you are implying about me and my husband. It seems to tie in with the escort agency that I started in Sydney, I didn't even remember you worked for it. I am sorry for your pain, do you mean you only worked for for that one? Most sisters I knew were working already at other agencys, I stupidly thought I was providing a happy service. (you know hookers for christ type scenario) I honestly never knew that from the sounds of it, the majority of sisters did not want to do it.

I know ignorance is not excuse, I'll just have to plead for your forgiveness and ask you to remember I truly believed it was for the good, thats no excuse, but there it is. Can we just damn berg for his horrible doctrines that made us think that sort of evil stuff was right?

My husband couldn't have stopped me at the time if he tried. I was convinced it was God's will what I was doing. That he helped me, is true, I did ask him if you two had a history, and he seemed genuinally puzzled and couldn't remember any instances that he had offended or possibly hurt you. (he does't visit these boards)

You have my email, if there is something specific, I'm sure he would ask your forgiveness for it, just refresh his memory.

Anyway, if there's more I'm missing please let me know, I don't want to discount your pain or what you have been through. I certainly don't want to be flippant about what you have endured.