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Re: rape

Posted by ringing in on rape on May 19, 2005 at 16:21:36

In Reply to: Re: rape posted by From a male perspective on May 19, 2005 at 15:47:17:

Think of it like this. If you were utilizing a sex slave owned by a group of people then you would know it was likely against the person's will even if they of course did not protest their use as a sex object. Of course they don't. There are too many things hanging over their heads to "resist".
But what makes the family unique is that we all, both men and women, were in submission to the leader of the pack. BERG and later Zerby.

That is how it was rape to the woman, and it is how you as a male family member did not recognize it as such. The exceptions would be the women who did like doing it when it was doctrine. Or the men that had sex with a woman even when she clearly did not want it.

Lydia spoke about this subject, and it seems clear she would not have felt she was raped by the men within the group though there may have been some she did not want to have sex with. Doctrine within the family told us that even if a woman was attacked by an outsider in her home or one the streets that was a rapist to use the opportunity to be a witness. How screwed up is that?

Within the Family, I believe we were all raped not just physically in some cases, but in all cases emotionally and spiritually.

What Lydia recognizes in hindsight is that we were all under the control of Berg believing God was holding the reins. So after the group it sounds like she hates what she did looking back at it from a clear perspective. (correct me if I have misinterpreted something here, Lydia.)