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Re: No differing here

Posted by Yvonne on May 20, 2005 at 00:18:30

In Reply to: Re: No differing here posted by Time Traveller on May 19, 2005 at 23:48:17:

Whoa, I am sorry; I appear to have inadvertantly offended here. That was not my intention,

I write like this because that is how I write in my life generally. I am an 'expert'. I try not to be here, because I am also an ex-member - but I can't help being what I am and I don't appologise for it.

But you will see that if I offend I do sincerely appologise, as that is never my intention. I also don't understand why asking people to be kinder to their fellow ex-members is offensive?

All I was saying was [and don't forget it was back in the thread] - this thread is progressing extremely fast, that accusitory language used about specific peoples past, done in a public forum where there is chance for misunderstanding can be damaging and/or hurtful. If I couched it in pseudo Christian language would it be more acceptable?

I work on a daily basis with this client group and in consultation, supervision and training of other professionals and I know how fragil folk can be [you have to know that yourself]. How can you take offense at a plea for kindness and gentleness? I am confused by this.

Even if I had never worked with this client group, as a caring person, I would also understand that people who have been through trauma, as those here have, could be hurt by words and opinions.

So for clarity, I am not accusing anyone, I have no wish to offend, and appologise if I have. But I still think we should care about each other even in how we talk about our experiences as otherwise why bother to consider ones self part of a community [ex-members].