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Re: Obedience and compliance

Posted by Yvonne on May 22, 2005 at 02:08:07

In Reply to: Re: Obedience and compliance posted by OT2 on May 22, 2005 at 00:36:00:

Hi OT2

Yes, I think it would be an interesting subject to explore - but I am suprised [shouldn't be so naive I guess] at how vitriolic folk are when they don't like what others say. Or perhaps someone gets a word or two wrong.

It is so hard to write anything that is not 'party line' here and on other ex-member sites without offending. I have been taken to task for using the language I use on a daily basis, for reminding people to be kind, for being an 'expert', for asking for help in understanding.....

What happens if I put forward an idea that is not totally 'acceptable' - do I get villified?

If this was to be approached properly one would have to examine ideas that might make people uncomfortable. Otherwise why bother? Using ones critical mind [and I don't mean criticising here] means looking at the validity of different arguments and maybe accepting there can be different view points and world views.

The discussion between Lydia and Susie is a good example; They were both in the same place, experienced the same events, but their 'take' on it was extremely different; neither of them is exclusively 'right'. I don't mean that either was wrong - but they are both right, because they are unique individuals who are entitled to owning there own reality and having that respected by others.

That can be seen as a problem within psychology; there are no absolute answers [because we are talking about the science of mind and behaviour]. You will see in academic research within psychology no one ever says this 'proves' that - you will find words like; this suggests that, this demonstrates a link between and so forth.

OT2 I guess this response isn't just to you, if you have studied psychology you will know this and I don't want to 'teach grandmother to suck eggs'- just starting to explain my stance on my reality within psychology.

I bet I've already 'offended' at least one person with this, and I have to wonder if that is worthwhile doing.

Shall we explore this further?