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Sex , nightmares and false prophets

Posted by Rocky Top on May 18, 2005 at 05:15:12

I think we all were prostituted in one way or another by berg and company. Some, like TF women and children, were treated far worse than others. The sad reality is that most of us, as disciples, were turned into spirit prostitutes by berg's views and the all pervasive application of his abusive doctrines.

Through the family system we sold ourselves on the world's streets in the mistaken belief that we were serving God. The 'selling' or
'prostitution' of self for the 'Family' has been a constant expectation throughout the life of the Family. Like some kind of deep conditioned imprint on our hearts and minds we followed the berg mantra like Pavlovian dogs. The various methods that members used in exploiting others were merely the mediums of exchange. Through berg and others, service to the family has been, in and of itself, the central form of family prostitution. Berg's strange ability to cause others to do his harmful bidding against all logic, caring empathy, real love or balanced morality was, IMO, the source of TF's insanity from the start.

Riding on his 'revolution for Jesus' front, berg became an influential force for harm. Through fake doctrines, false prophecy and a deep personal depravity berg accelerated the pattern of preying on others by turning out prostitutes, pimps, abusers, sex slaves, con artists, liars, thieves, etc, etc,. If I may say so, a twisted version of becoming "...all things to all men" if ever there was one! Like a demon clown, ruling despotically over a circus of the imprisoned, berg drove most of TF deeper into in a ring of pain, sorrow and despair.

Someone noted on a post that if some men actually realized what really happened to family women through FF'ing they would beg for forgiveness on their knees. I totally relate to that. There is not a day goes by that I don't feel sorrow, regret or anger over it all. Even turning against the family, speaking out, being excommunicated and challenging family members since 1983 does not make what happened any less painful or easier to live with.

In the family I lived a lie which makes the fact that I sincerely believed it more painful. I helped berg by believing in his calling. I helped others to believe in berg's calling. When I read the Davidito book I was totally wrecked spiritually and I finally left the family,... in my heart mind and body. There was no way to excuse berg's sick folly any longer. After leaving the family my internal character then had to face the horror of berg, what the family really was and what I had become. I still mourn over the collective sense of idealism and honest desire to change the world for good that the Fam stole from so many of us.

Spirit Funeral

In my hell I burn
a pyre of darkest regret
on a blue flame sun


Rocky Top