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The Family's "spin" on the media coverage...

Posted by Freeatlast! on May 20, 2005 at 08:30:28

In Reply to: Re: Japan Persecution Notices 2005 posted by Time Traveller on May 19, 2005 at 23:39:18:

To all Homes from the PR Board

1. Latest development: The Newsweek magazine that will be in bookstores on April 6th contains a libelous article about us.

In GN #1119: 23 Peter wrote the following:
   “It's natural to be curious about the details in a situation like this, but please be aware that you're not going to find out the truth via the news media or the Internet. Unfortunately, the media is being contacted and fed extensively by some of our most hostile apostates; the reports in the newspapers are for the most part not giving the full picture‚ nor are they referring to the official studies credible academics have done and published on the Family.”

   So please understand that we are not recommending you to read this article. We, the PR Board, will read it and inform you soon of the points that you’ll need to be aware of when explaining it to your friends.

Preface: Here we would like to give a simple explanation about one point that may come up regarding the current persecution by the media. No matter what the Enemy may say, it’s very important that we all are aware of the fact that this current media persecution is being orchestrated by the Enemy to destroy our, and the Family’s, wonderful work and witness.
It is also very important to remember that it is Satan and his forces, the ones causing this persecution that we are fighting against, and not any individual.

(GN #1120:244.)(Jesus:) But you must not believe a word of it! No matter what excuses people have for hating you, or what reasons they come up with for persecuting you, you must understand that in the long run, it is simply persecution for righteousness' sake, because you're doing the job that I told you to do, and the Enemy hates it.
247. People think they have their reasons, and their wherefores and whys you should be stopped, disbanded, or even jailed and killed, but they are simply misled by their demonic oppressors into believing a lie. The demons don't care about mistakes made in the past or supposed lacks or shortcomings. The demons of the netherworld care about one thing only, and that is stopping some of the most active Christians on the face of this Earth today-you! You're the ones doing them the greatest damage, and that makes you the number-one enemies. That's why you attract so much attention and get so many knocks.