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Holla-bollumba-daspiritu-morbundi! Let's break out the New Wine!

Posted by MM on May 20, 2005 at 12:26:18

In Reply to: Re: Japan Persecution Notices 2005 posted by Jo on May 20, 2005 at 00:28:33:

Mama speaking: I came unto my husband Keysys, and he revealed unto me the code of an electronic keypad. When when I pressed 666, the security firewall fell and opened up the demon world of internet information leaks.

There I saw Etherios spinning a virtual net of electronic impulses--little 0's and 1's buzzed all around the net like mosquitos and gnats feeding on dead fish--and I saw Etherios throw out the net over the hearts of weak Family disciples who have technical skills, but lack a truly sold-out disposition.

Then I saw the humble spirit helper Amishina ride up in a horse and buggy, and she turned off all the electricity. Suddenly, the demon Etherios was reduced to nothing. TYK! PYL! Now we know how to protect ourselves from Etherios--Family communication techies must spiritually flee the cities and move onto the heavenly self-sustaining farms in their hearts.

Keysys speaking: This will be called the Second Great Escape. Any Family disciple who works with communication devices such as computers must imagine windmills, woodstoves, and kerosene laterns each time they boot their information system. If they do this faithfully, they will enter into the spiritual domain where Etherios does not exist and remain safe. Meanwhile, Amishina will carry top-secret notices to all the Family homes in the boot of her celestial buggy.

Mama: TYK! Because you have all the answers, I don't ever need to think. Because of you, Keysys, no one in your Family ever needs to think, because they all know that thinking will lead them straight into the bloodthirsty jaws of the Vandari. Remember the Vandari war cry? "I think, therefore I left!" HA! Always be on your guard, my faithful followers, against the prideful urge to think!