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The Family's way of "persecution" prep...

Posted by Freeatlast! on May 20, 2005 at 18:17:19

This is how the Family "prepares" for this so-called "persecution:

4. Concerning the children:
*Rehearse answering questions in a manner appropriate to their age. (Please refer to this file that was sent before: Helping children answer questions from outsiders.)

3) The importance of following up on outsiders
(Explanation to sheep and contacts)
* They will receive it better and be more favorably disposed if we explain it to them before hand with the necessary materials, than if they were to hear it from a third party.

*First of all... they have to "rehearse" with the kids about Family doctrine and possible questions from the media... why do Family kids need to do something like this if everything was on the up-and-up???
*Also, since Family members don't have a brain (like Dorothy's scarecrow), the "PR" team has to give point by point explanations on how to answer the media...
*Plus... if their so-called "friends" were in the know about who the Family REALLY is... than WHY do they have to "explain" things to them before they hear from the media.

*Family members are so ashamed of the Family name and are scared sh..less of so-called "persecution"... because they DO NOT really support all the Family's weird doctrines... and if so.. then WHY are they still in the Family????