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Read "The Japanese South American Dream!"

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on May 20, 2005 at 19:57:27

In Reply to: You said it... it makes me sick to my stomach as well.. (NT) posted by Freeatlast! on May 20, 2005 at 19:25:44:

Maria is such a stupid little idiot sometimes! Stupid little gypsy girl! Practicing PR answers? Who needs'm? Just have the kids read my Letters! It's all there. I've said it all. Why should I repeat myself? It's enough to make me roll over in my grave. (Roll, roll...)

In the "Japanese South American Dream" I saw Japanese youth running down a volcano with little side-vent volcanos blowing up. Watch out for the side-vents, that's all I have to say. Maybe if the kids run hard enough down the volcano like Frodo and Sam, big eagles will swoop down and carry they away to safety. (Wild tongues and pounding the bed, then holding up hands like an eagle and frantic waving and flapping.)

Then I was laying here inside the Green Door and praying, "But where to, Lord? Where should the eagles carry them?" And the name of the Letter flashed like neon writing across the room in front of me, "The Japanese SOUTH AMERICAN Dream." That was it! That's the key! All the kids should flee to South America!

(More excited babbling in tongues, trilling and Colombian pipe playing.) Have the kids been learning Spanish? Have they? I know we're teaching them dumb-ass PR answers now that they have to learn English so they can fly forth into the world, but now when it's time to fly forth, lo and behold, God shows me that they should have been learning Spanish all along!

Sometimes Maria gets things so mixed up and muddled I wonder if she or Peter aren't possessed by the spirit of Mr. Denton!