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Quote from 2003 GN...about EX-members

Posted by Freeatlast! on May 21, 2005 at 19:47:13

From the xFamily forum:

GN 1062 (from Dec 2003):
169. There are currently three active ex–member Web sites (this is actually a very small number, TTL, as there are hundreds of anti-Scientology sites). One is mostly frequented by former FGAs, many of whom discuss theology, world events, etc.--some of whom see current events and Bible interpretation through Dad's teachings, and most through a Biblical, Christian perspective. Another site is also mostly FGAs, but is quite antagonistic and tends to be counter-cult--in other words, their arguments are mostly religion-based--but has only a small core of posters, and not a very wide presence or impact.

170. The third site is only for former SGAs, and though its stated goal was to assist young people to "move on," sad to say, any kind of faith-based comments or positive comments written by former members about the Family is anathema on this site. So there isn't room for dialog or debate. Their basic "theology" is that they are all victims of abuse one way or another because of their upbringing, and every child should be brought up in the System, rigidly conforming to its standards and norms. It tends to consider the System the ultimate, and anything radical, dropped–out, or not in line with the System is a kind of evil. As you can imagine, this is an unhealthy environment for young people struggling to adapt and maintain their faith and the Christian principles of their upbringing. Believing themselves to be victims, undereducated and deprived, is not a very positive outlook on life and can inhibit them using the training and education they have received.

171. We have seen, however, in analyzing their membership roster, that by far the majority of their posters have done quite well in their work and job careers, and in most cases have not been handicapped at all in entering the workforce or higher education. Most have been able to build successful careers or enter into higher education with little difficulty beyond the norm, and many have achieved above and beyond the law of averages for the population at large.

*in regards to paragraph #171, I can see that they smugly come to the conclusion that it was the SGA's Family-cult upbringing that helped them to "get successful careers'. What they DON'T mention is how long it took to get there, what immense struggles they went through and the ones who committed suicide. They don't mention the ones who are working in "night" jobs... bars, hostesses, strippers, and prostitution.
*they also chose to not mention the plight of us FGA's who, though we joined the cult willingly under false pretenses, we have also had severe struggles getting a "normal" life again. We've had to try to mend the relationships with our "flesh" families, try to get some education while supporting our large families... trying to explain to people why we don't have a job after all these years, coping with middle-aged health problems without having health insurance. Plus, coping with the severe depression that we woke up and found ourselves in a cult and coming to the realization that we lived a lie for the greater part of our young adult lives. We dropped out of high school and university and forsook all of our worldly possessions and relatives...
no, they don't talk about these little details to the Family members... sigh.