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TFI member sighting

Posted by on May 22, 2005 at 00:19:32

Hello, all.

With my wife out of town for the weekend, I visited my older sister in Katy, Tx., today.

We spent some time at the Katy Mills Mall. It's well know around Houston. In fact, it's one of the biggest malls in the country, though not as big as the Mall of the Americas, up north somewhere (anybody?).

Coming out of one of the bookstores, I saw a young woman, probably about High School age or a little older, with a tubful of summer play toys, and a table full of balloon animals, but with, I noticed, no price tags..

My sister was still in the store, and she had insisted on buying me the latest Frank Peretti book, and was still paying for it while I chatted with the young lady.

She had a quite beautiful face, which was adorned with "sparkle", modest makeup, and a blond wig, and a slightly lowcut blouse; all fairly tasteful.

I commented on the high quality of the balloon animals. I asked her how long it took to learn how to make them, and she said that she and her family had done missionary work, and that she had learned "about ten years ago"--which would have made her about 6-8 then, by my estimation.

I said that I had run into some people she reminded me of over at Hollister and Hwy 290, and that they had given me a highly colored piece of printed paper, with Scripture on it, and it had been called "Activated Ministries".

She said, "Oh, yeah--they all left for Mexico recently."

I asked her if she came to the Katy Mills Mall often, and she said that she was usually there every weekend. I told her that she looked very familiar (and that I'd probably see her next time I came to the mall--my heart broke for her; poor thing).

She did.


See also --these have Mother Eve as supposed author of some Mo ' Letter quotes. Hmmm. Bogus fund-raising, via "As deceivers, yet true..." protocol.

And, finally, there are some related previous posts by myself and others about Heartclub, a front name for ome current members living in Cy Fair, near Katy, Texas. Just do a site search on ExFam for "heartbeat", like I did first, or for "Heartclub", as I did next.


Regards to all,
OldtimerToo (OT2)

Any SG exers in the area who would like to try to talk to the young lady at the mall?